Wipro Lighting Partners with Enlighted, for IoT enabled Lighting Solutions

Highlights :

  • The partnership will provide Integration of IoT sensors with Luminaires.
  • This integration will form Wipro’s Smart Space Solutions.
  • The data from IoTs will be used in Software applications through APIs.

Wipro Lighting, a provider of lighting and Internet of Lighting (IoL)® solutions in India partners with Enlighted, provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for commercial buildings to deliver smarter workplaces.

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Wipro Lighting and Enlighted are integrating their solutions and technologies to create smarter buildings across multiple customer segments. Enlighted’s IoT sensors are being integrated with Wipro’s future-ready luminaires, forming the backbone for Wipro’s Smart Space Solutions. Enlighted’s cloud-connected smart sensors, distributed through lighting fixtures and under desks, create a dense infrastructure collecting data about what is happening in the building multiple times per second.

This data is available for use in software applications through APIs (application programming interface) that provides utilization analytics, location services for people and assets, and insights into how buildings are being used in real-time. The real-time data drives analytics andpowersWipro’s Smart Space Solutionsincluding Space Utilization (density of usage, social distance issues), Asset Tracking, Way Finding, and Colleague Finding.

Together the integrated solutions improve operating efficiencies and occupant experiences, enhance productivity,Wipro Lighting and optimize resource and asset use. In addition, the integration of the Enlighted sensors into Wipro’s LED luminaires saves up to 85 percent lighting energy for consumers and also reduces overall utility costs.

Speaking of the partnership, Vice-President & Business Head at Wipro Lighting, Mr. Anuj Dhir stated, “Wipro Lighting is a pioneer in offering Smart & Connected solutions on the platform of Internet of Lighting (IoL) across various customer segments in India. Our collaboration with Enlighted will help us push the boundaries of IoT technology and show the world how it can solve many of the workplace management and energy optimization problems we are facing today to build a better future together.”

By embedding Enlighted sensors into Wipro luminaires, it will not only enable integration with the HVAC/BMS but also detect motion trails through heat mapping and deliver safe and healthy workspaces, which is the need of the hour during the pandemic. Enlighted’s Open API platform will converge with Wipro’s IoL® platform to facilitate making smart, data-driven decisions quickly and furnish the confidence to reopen safely.

“Our solution gives companies the tools needed to make smart, data-driven decisions quickly about their workspaces. Together with Wipro, we can swiftly support businesses to implement technology which supports employees as they return to the office while laying the foundations of long-term digital transformation in workplaces,” said Mr. Azheem Haseeb, Vice President of Sales at Enlighted.

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