WBPDCL Issues Tender For 8 MW Solar Projects in Durgapur

WBPDCL Issues Tender For 8 MW Solar Projects in Durgapur

The West Bengal Power Development Corporation Limited (WBPDCL) has issued an e-tender cum reverse auction for the development of 8 MW Phase-II grid-connected solar PV plants situated in Durgapur, West Bengal.

The full scope of the project includes the design, engineering, manufacture/procurement, supply, erection, testing and commissioning of 8 MW Phase-II grid-connected ground-mounted solar photovoltaic power plants at Durgapur Projects Limited (DPL), Durgapur, West Bengal, on turnkey basis, along with 5 years of operation and maintenance.

The deadline for pre-bid queries submission is January 5, 2022. The pre-bid meeting will take place on January 6. The deadline for bid submission is January 21, and the technical bids will be opened on January 28. The deadlines pertaining to financial bids will be intimated later.

Applicants are required to fulfil the following qualifying requirements:


  • At least one 8 MW capacity or two 4 MW capacity or higher solar PV project installation at a single location during preceding seven years.
  • Minimum one 8 MW or two 4 MW or higher capacity solar PV power plant operation and maintenance (O&M)

Financial : MAAT : Last 3 FY will be Rs. 11.84 Crores

  • 1 Order : INR 31.58 Crores
  • 2 Order: INR 19.74 Crores
  • 3 Order : INR 15.79 Crores

Interested bidders are required to submit Rs.78,94,000 as bid security or Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) through online mode only. The project will commence from the date of the issuance of the Letter of Award (LoA). Developers are required to complete the project within 12 months of the issuance of LoA.

The performance guarantee, which is to be submitted within 21 days of the issuance of LoA, will be 10% of the project cost plus GST in the form of bank guarantee valid for a period of 72 months with a further claim period of ninety days thereafter. The performance warranty will be 5% of the project cost plus GST, and the same will be paid in 1% yearly after the successful completion of the work i.e. up to the defect liability period.

The integrated project performance of minimum solar energy generation will be at the rate of 1.6 MU annually per MW AC, with degradation of 0.7% for any reason from the second year onwards.

The tender document also gives the following additional details, among others:

Liquidated damages for delay:

  • Time Delay: 0.5 % of Project Cost plus GST for per week delay or part there of subject to a maximum of 10% of the Project Cost plus GST;
  • Milestone Delay: Delay in attaining the milestones by the contractor shall lead to imposition of intermediary Liquidated damages @0.25% per week of delay upto the maximum extent of 5(Five) Percent of the Project Cost plus GST.
  • Total LD value (LD for Time Delay + LD for Milestone Delay) shall not exceed 10% of total Project Cost plus GST.

Performance Penalty: Penalty shall be levied for performance shortfall on PG test. Maximum penalty for failure of PG test shall be 5% of Project cost plus GST.

Operation and Maintenance Cost (Including all Consumables and spares for Routine and preventive maintenance, Break down maintenance, capital maintenance): 7.5 % of the Project cost (excluding Taxes and Duties) for 5(five) years.

More details can be accessed here.

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