Waaree Energies partners with 4CSolar to expand floating solar PV market in India

Solar panel manufacturer Waaree Energies has announced a strategic partnership with 4CSolar, making its entry into floating solar PV market.

“Waaree Energies announces a strategic partnership with 4CSolar- a proven technology solutions provider based in California specializing in floating solar arrays,” the company said in a statement.

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This strategic tie-up will enable Waaree Energies and 4CSolar to provide scalable solutions for lakes, reservoirs, canals and off-shore solar projects in India.

4CSolar has developed patent-protected technologies to enable highly reliable, low-cost and eco-friendly installations of floating solar power plants on lakes, dams, and near-shore seawater.

This product is now available for demonstration and sale through SunMount Engineering Pvt Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Waaree Energies.

Waaree Energies Chairman & Managing Director Hitesh Doshi said, “Through this association, we aim to develop a cost-effective and low-maintenance solution that can help address India’s energy and water challenges, and also enable our domestic suppliers to upgrade their technology.”

‘Floating solar’ is a solution where solar modules are mounted on floating pontoons which are either tethered to the shore, or anchored to the bottom of water bodies.

Such installations can minimize the use of precious agricultural land for solar power generation, and also curb evaporation losses from water reservoirs by as much as 70 percent.

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