Vestas Secures 1st Order Worth 201 MW for new V155-3.3 MW Turbine in China

Vestas Secures 1st Order Worth 201 MW for new V155-3.3 MW Turbine in China

Vestas has secured the first order for 61 of its new V155-3.3 MW turbines for two wind power projects in China that totals 201 MW.

Vestas China Turbine

Vestas has secured the first order for the V155-3.3 MW turbine variant for two projects in China that totals 201 MW. The order includes the supply of 61 turbines and towers as well as a 5-year Active Output Management 5000 (AOM 5000) service contract. Both projects are derived from the ongoing Chinese auction scheme.

The global demand for sustainable energy solutions optimised for low and ultra-low wind conditions continues to grow as renewable technology improves in efficiency, making more sites viable for wind energy. This trend is especially prominent in the world’s largest wind energy market, China, where the wind industry at the same time is facing an increasingly competitive business environment with the transition to grid parity pricing and more decentralised energy infrastructure with distributed wind projects.

To meet Chinese customers’ needs in this changing market environment, Vestas introduced the V155-3.3 MW variant in the Chinese market in June 2019. The turbine combines the largest rotor with the lowest power rating of Vestas’ globally proven 4 MW platform to optimise a project’s capacity factor in low wind speeds. This solution, as the company claims, will improve customers’ business case by increasing annual energy production on park level, as well as providing high-level output certainty in China’s growing number of low and ultra-low wind sites.

“This order comes less than six months after the introduction of V155-3.3 MW, demonstrating the optimal market fit of the product in China’s low wind market,” said Thomas Keller, President of Vestas China. “Designed specifically to meet customer needs and market requirements in China, the V155-3.3 MW will offer our customers a lower cost of energy and better business case certainty. This will lay the foundation for success as the market transitions to distributed wind and grid-parity projects, causing a more competitive and complex business environment.”

The variant’s lower rotor rotational speed ensures low sound power levels that combined with the full-scale converter’s advanced grid capabilities, make the turbine highly suitable for China’s centralised projects as well as the increasing number of distributed wind energy projects. The 76m blade is co-developed with a local partner, combining global and local expertise and underlining Vestas’ commitment to ensuring competitiveness in the Chinese market. 

Project delivery is expected to be in the third quarter of 2020, with commissioning in the same quarter.

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