Vestas Partners with Max Bögl for World’s Tallest Onshore Tower for Wind Turbines

Vestas Partners with Max Bögl for World’s Tallest Onshore Tower for Wind Turbines

Danish manufacturer of wind turbines, Vestas has joined hands with Max Bögl- a German multinational major construction company- to establish a tower solution with a record-breaking hub height for 7 MW onshore wind turbines.

The said solution is offered for the Vestas V172-7.2MW flagship turbine which boasts of a hub height of 199 metres. This makes it “the world’s tallest onshore tower for wind turbines”, according to a claim made by Vestas. The height of the tower not only promises stronger harvest, but along with it more constant wind, which augments the capacity as well as the annual electricity production of each turbine.

Vestas has revealed that the turbine and tower are to be located in Central Europe. The new tower for the V172-7.2MW, that has been established in accordance with DiBT (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik- a technical authority in the construction sector guidelines), will be on offer for the German and Austrian markets. It will be available for installations beginning 2025.

The hybrid tower is made up of a combination of concrete and steel and also has proprietary technologies from Vestas and Max Bögl. It has been designed to house Vestas’ highest yielding onshore wind turbine. The tower has been integrated with the modular architecture of EnVentus platform in order to make possible a diverse range of operating modes. Notably, it can be integrated with extensive technology options aimed at the creation of customised solutions.

Jens Kück, Vice President Sales Central at Vestas, said, “The V172-7.2MW on a 199m tower cements our market leadership in Germany and Austria and demonstrates our ability to continuously increase the yield of our wind turbines through new technologies in order to realise the ambitious expansion targets for onshore wind energy in Germany.”

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