Trina Storage To Deliver More Than 100MWh BESS In United Kingdom

Highlights :

  • The two new deals – 25MW/58MWh and 50MW/58MWh – will be utilizing Elementa battery storage technology from Trina Storage.
  • The full-wrapped solution comprises of the engineering and service scope from the firm.
Trina Storage To Deliver More Than 100MWh BESS In United Kingdom

The Germany based subsidiary of Trina Storage has announced the contract closure for another two Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) projects in the United Kingdom shortly after the signing of the 50MW/102 MWh Swangate project last month.

These two new deals – 25MW/58MWh and 50MW/58MWh – will also be utilizing Elementa which is vertically integrated battery storage product of Trina Storage.

Trina Storage’s First ‘Solar + Storage’ Project

Trina Solar held that the newly signed 25MW/58MWh project is located in the midlands region of England. It will also be the first solar-plus-storage project in the UK for the firm demonstrating the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of the Elementa battery storage solution.

The UK has ambitious climate targets aimed at achieving a net-zero power system, propelled by renewable sources taking up a larger share in the country’s electricity mix.

Trina Storage Takes Long Strides In Storage Market

Apart from the co-location project, Trina Storage said that it will provide another 50MW/58MWh standalone BESS solution to the UK’s leading smart energy infrastructure provider, SMS plc. This project will be located in Berkeley Gloucestershire, England. It is the second-time the company has been chosen by SMS after their first project in Burwell, Cambridgeshire was successfully delivered in early 2022.

Trina Solar held that both projects will be utilizing the Elementa battery system, while the full-wrapped solution comprises of its engineering and service scope. Trina Storage offers the liquid-cooled BESS, embedded with enhanced battery performance and improved safety features, ensuring maximized project returns.

Trina Storage says that its taking long strides with a strong project pipeline of over 5GWh globally. It wants to bring more efficiency to modern power grids and build an energy-secure world.

Terry Chen, Head of Overseas Storage at Trina Storage, said, “We much appreciate the continued trust from SMS and look forward to deploy our first solar-plus-storage project. We will offer the advanced system and services backed by professional deployment to support them and ensure future successes, continued commitment to our clients, and a greener, more sustainable future.”

In September, 2022, Trina Solar also entered the USA market by showcasing Elementa in the Solar Power International (RE+) 2022, that took place in Anaheim, California. Previously, the company partnered with inverter manufacturer Power Electronics to install more than 1GWh worth of battery energy storage system employing Elementa.

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