Trina Solar Launches new Tracker Capable of Increasing Efficiency by 8%

Trina Solar Launches new Tracker Capable of Increasing Efficiency by 8%

Trina Solar has launched the TrinaTracker Vanguard 600+ series in China, a product series the firm claims can increase efficiency by 2-8%.

Trina Solar, a leading global PV and smart energy total solution provider, has launched the TrinaTracker Vanguard 600+ series in China, a product series that has passed TÜV and UL certifications, increasing energy efficiency by 2-8 percent. 

The TrinaTracker consists of two series of trackers, the Dual Row Agile 600+ and the Single Row Vanguard 600+, which perfectly cater to leading 210mm ultra-high power 600W+ and 550W modules and continue the trend of 600W+ ultra-high power modules development in the industry and enable optimized construction costs and lowest risks for EPCs whilst ensuring the highest and most assured long term energy outcome for IPPs.

Trina Solar Efficiency

The product has four core product advantages: high reliability, more yield gain, low construction and O&M (operation & maintenance) costs and unified contact channel (modules and trackers). Up to 120 modules can be installed with one Vanguard 600W+ series 2P tracker.

As per the firm, there are two major structural advantages in product design that could significantly boost the efficiency of the Vanguard series. One is the patented third-generation spherical bearing design that prevents structural deformation and reduces the load on the drive system and motor, thereby reducing failure rate and effectively improving system stability, as well as unlocking sites with highly variable terrain that would previously have been deemed unviable for tracking. To meet the demands of end-users for lower O&M costs, the product uses more easily replaceable spherical bearings and linear actuators that reduce system failure rates and O&M costs. The firm has now taken this unique tracker solution with noticeable spherical bearing application to more than 40 countries over its more than 10 years’ experience of design and installation. 

The second advantage as per the firm is the multi-point drive design to strengthen the system structure. In developing solar trackers, response to structural failure is the core task in wind engineering. The products adopt sophisticated controllers to reduce the failure frequency of electronic control components and communication, helping them operate normally in all geographic and climatic conditions with high uptime.

In collaboration with the world-renowned RWDI wind tunnel laboratory during the design process, TrinaTracker passed all tests, underlining product safety and reliability. The TrinaTracker Vanguard 600W+ series and the Agile series have passed TÜV and UL certifications and conform to the IEC 62817 and UL 3703 standards. In addition, the newly released TrinaTracker Vanguard series uses an intelligent tracking algorithm independently developed by Trina Solar. This can receive more scattered irradiation, leading to higher system energy production and increasing energy production by 2-8 percent over the traditional astronomical algorithm.

Duan Shunwei, head of the tracker business unit, said “TrinaTracker is one of the core components of Trina Solar’s overall smart energy solutions. In 2020 Trina Solar’s global shipments of trackers exceeded 2GW. This year Trina Solar’s self-owned production capacity for trackers is expected to reach 7GW, 70 percent of these new trackers applicable to 600W+ ultra-high power modules.”

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