The Green (Silver) Lining- Jobs In Cleantech

The Green (Silver) Lining- Jobs In Cleantech

Green jobs are jobs that are focused and shaped around activities that help preserve and protect the environment.

These jobs can be from the conventional sectors like assembling and manufacturing, or in newer ‘green’ areas like environmentally friendly power and energy productivity. Even as the Covid pandemic has caused widespread job losses worldwide, it has also strengthened the resolve of governments and users worldwide to focus more on the environment. That has shown up in ever higher commitments to reducing emissions, be it net zero at country level, firms that have brought forward their own plans to become greener, cut back on plastic use and more. In the renewable energy sector, a whole host of firms have stepped up with their own efforts to create quality jobs. In fact, experts estimate creation of over 150,000 such jobs between 2021-23 itself. We have seen this, ever since we started tracking jobs in the sector, and highlighting those in our new jobs section. Not only have we seen interest jump, but feedback in terms of prospective candidates seeking a career in cleantech has also been huge. We would strongly advise aspirant to keep a sharp eye on the Energy Jobs section at SaurEnergy, to stay abreast with the latest and the best on offer in Cleantech today.

Today, in a continuing series, we look at what some other firms in the sector are doing.

Greenway Grameen Infra Pvt Ltd:

Greenway Grameen Infra Pvt Ltd is one of the fastest growing consumer appliance brand in India. Greenway was established with the primary goal of replacing traditional mud chulhas with 65% fuel savings and 70% smoke reduction, that work on most kinds of solid biomass fuels. Traditional mud chulhas are being used by at least 3 billion people in the world and it also contributes as much as 2% of the world’s GHG emission. They are constantly trying to develop better technology by investing a lot in research and development and offering a lot of jobs in the green sector. The firms posts on Linkedin indicate a high demand for both engineering and management graduates.


Oorjan is a startup firm that provides solar energy solutions to the customers, industrial sectors and residential sectors, thus helping them save money and make a contribution to reduced emissions from non renewable power. The company has launched two major initiatives as a part of its program: Greenjobs and Greenstitute in order to provide better and more suitable jobs and various certification courses. These projects are being handled by the team of IITs who are also creating awareness about solar power and are helping the people to adopt Solar power. They are trying to bridge the gap of unemployment due to the pandemic along with promoting green life initiative. It connects the desired candidates with the company so that they get job opportunities and vaccination.

Enel Green Power

Enel Green power is one of the key European players of Green energy in India. As India pushes towards the clean energy mission Enel has been a keen participant, helping India generate energy from renewable sources and help the country sustain its sustainable development. They have 4 power generation plants in India with a total capacity of 172 MW. Most of the plants are generating energy using wind energy. With strong plans for expansion in a market the firm considers key, opportunities for both engineering and other graduates will continue apace at this firm.

OLA Electric

Ola electric has already shaken up the EV market for two wheelers, with its ambitious manufacturing plans for the country. The firm knows a thing or two about disruption, after dominating the ride hailing market earlier with its parent firm. The company is a major recruiter for now  for people who would work as their business development associates as well as leaders who could lead the company into a better future just like the company has envisioned. They keep posting several positions on LinkedIn and other job portals.

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