The GoSun Flow Offers Solar Powered Purifier, Sanitation System

The GoSun Flow Offers Solar Powered Purifier, Sanitation System

GoSun flow

GoSun, a Cincinnati, Ohio based distributed solar products firm has launched what it claims to be the world’s first portable, solar-powered water purification and sanitation system. The US firm hopes to target a large addressable market for effecive and economical solar powered products gradually.

The GoSun Flow is small enough to fit into a backpack, uses solar energy to filter 99.99% of pathogens from water (including viruses such as COVID), and can function as a portable handwashing station, warm shower, source of clean drinking water, and much more. Prices for this product start at $149. (Rs 11,200 approximately)

“As the world tries to reopen after the beginning phase of COVID-19, we all want to make sure we are doing our part to maintain our health and sanitation. ‘Absolute compulsive hand washing’ has been recommended by Dr. Fauci, and the GoSun Flow provides an easy, convenient way to wash your hands with clean water anywhere and anytime,” says Patrick Sherwin, Founder and CEO of GoSun.

The GoSun Flow is GoSun’s eighth and latest crowdfunded solar product. The firm is also on the market for a fund raise, on startengine, where it has already raised over a million dollars according to the firm’s investor page. It did $1.89 million in sales in 2019, according to the firm.

Like some of its other products, the  GoSun Flow also tries to multi task, to serve as an entire kitchen sink. With available upgrades, it can be converted into a full-on portable shower complete with clean, hot water. The all-in-one unit includes a faucet, pump, filter, powerbank, and solar panels. It can also be powered by a USB outlet.

Earlier last month, GoSun’s designers spent the afternoon testing its new water purification system by setting up a handwashing station on the street corner outside a local hardware store.

“We believe that now is the time to work together, innovate, and create products that make the world cleaner and more resilient. Being able to function and adventure during the COVID-19 pandemic is becoming critical, so GoSun is working to help fuel our customers’ outings and keep them safe. Now, with a kitchen sink that fits in your backpack, you’re able to have freshwater on-demand, when you are away from home,” says Sherwin.

The Flow is just the latest product in GoSun’s full ecosystem of innovative, solar-powered cleantech products that include its line of solar-powered cookers, lighting, batteries, and coolers that allow people to improve their quality of life without requiring the use of fossil fuels or deforestation.

The firm claims to have moved over 40,000 units to over 70 countries worldwide and amassed a solid IP portfolio both in the US and in China.

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