The Education Department of Philippines Starts Campaign for Students Brighter Future

The Education Department of Philippines Starts Campaign for Students Brighter Future

Students Brighter Future

The idioms ‘Burn the Midnight Oil’ are no longer a true for the students in Misamis Oriental.

The Education Department of Philippines (DepED) are now providing Solar Lanterns to students under ‘One Child, One Lamp’ campaign.

The project undertaken by the DepED ensures students are able to do their home assignments. As a startup of the project DepED had provided solar lanterns to almost 400 homes. DepED ensures students can engage more times on their studying.

‘One Child, One Lamp’ campaign hopes to raise funds for students belonging to off-grid regions. At the same time, campaign ‘Light Edn PH’ ensures to provide unlimited energy in schools.

From the records of earlier year 2013-2014 surveys, there were an estimated 1,101,051 students are from the no electricity regions. The only option to light up is Kerosene Oil, which is costly and it effects in health.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “breathing large quantities of kerosene vapor or drinking kerosene-based liquids may cause non-specific signs such as dizziness, headache and vomiting.”

A part of the campaign, DepED hopes to publicize ‘Health and educational concerns in places without no-electricity’.

“The health of these students is also at risk from using kerosene lamps that emit harmful fumes, which is the only means for them to study at night,” said Dept Edn under Secy for Partnership and External Affairs Mario Deriquito.

One of the students from the location stated that, ‘Mas ma-inspire pa gayud ko karon sa pag-study kay hayag na ang palibot ug mas maningkamot pa gayud ko aron makatibawas sa pag-skwela aron pud makatabang ko sa ako pamilya.’(Inspire more time to study revealed that around and I still try to study more so that I’d help my family)

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