Tata Power Delhi Distribution Makes Prior Arrangements to Meet Peak Power Demand This Winter Season

Tata Power Delhi Distribution (Tata Power – DDL) expects a peak demand of approximately 1500 MW in this winter season. The long term power tie ups are in place for meeting the same effectively. A total of 1650 MW of power is available from long term sources which would help in meeting the winter peak effectively.
Tata Power Delhi Distribution

For contingency requirements Tata Power – DDL would purchase power from the short term exchange based on its day ahead requirements. However, no shortfall is expected in the coming winter months.

Further, Tata Power – DDL has also made arrangements for export of winter surplus under banking to the States of Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh for receiving the same back in summer months of 2019.

“Banking of power means exchange of power / electricity for electricity. Tata Power – DDL has entered into the power banking arrangements with different states including Madhya Pradesh & Andhra Pradesh. Under the arrangement, Tata Power – DDL exports power to these states during the off peak winter months and the same is imported back by it during the summer months of May to September. The arrangement ensures non-stop supply to consumers.” said Mr. Sanjay Banga, CEO, Tata Power – DDL.

Almost 200 MW of power is exported by Tata Power – DDL during the off peak months and the same is imported back during the summer peak months. Such an arrangement ensures that Tata Power-DDL is able to meet summer peak loads without having to buy expensive power. The move besides helping in maintaining the reliability and consistency in supply also enables the company to save substantial amount.

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