Tata Power Launches ‘Know Your Electricity Consumption’, daily energy management tool for consumers

Tata Power Launches ‘Know Your Electricity Consumption’,  daily energy management tool for consumers

In a unique move to help its Consumers take better control of their energy usage, Tata Power, India’s largest integrated utility rolled out a new service ‘Know Your Electricity Consumption’ that allows its customers to view their power consumption trend through an online dashboard.

Know Your Electricity Consumption

The company in a statement issued to the media said, Consumers of Tata Power, can view power consumption for any given month, day and hour at the click of a button, thus helping them have a better understanding of their electricity usage patterns and take corrective measures to reduce their power bill. An additional benefit ensures that consumers can better manage their Demand and reschedule their activities to avail Time of Day (ToD) tariff incentives including controlling power factor & thus incentives themselves.

The new “Know Your Electricity Consumption” service of providing daily energy consumption analytics, is offered to residential, commercial and industrial consumers of Tata Power who are on Automated Meter Reading (AMR) mechanism,. The Consumers can access their consumption data through a weblink or receive periodic update on e-mail from Tata Power.

The Company had done extensive testing and analysis of load data to ensure feedback on electricity consumption shared with customers are of the highest possible integrity and adds value to Consumers.

Mr. Minesh Dave, President-T&D, Tata Power said, “We believe the definition of cost of power has expanded beyond the environmental and conventional economic boundaries. The ability to read and analyse electricity consumption data on a daily basis not only provides scope to save energy bill for our residential, commercial and industrial consumers but also helps them keep a check on their carbon footprint and thus elevates them to the status of a responsible consumer. This AMR-based service is part of our larger digital initiatives which reaffirms our philosophy of keeping customers’ interests at the core of everything we do.”

Irregular spikes in energy consumption data will also help customers keep an eye on power theft which is not uncommon in some markets in the country. While the AMR-based system cannot stop power theft by itself, it will provide a clearer view of consumption patterns, thus empowering customers to take corrective action without delay

This service is complemented by a range of digital offerings from Tata Power such as bill payment and support services like Tina, the voice-based chatbot powered by Google launched earlier this year.

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