Tata Power-DDL Tenders for 150 MW Non-Solar Renewable Power

Tata Power-DDL has issued a tender for procurement of 150 MW of non-solar renewable power on a short term basis to meet its RPO for the fiscal year.

Tata Power-Delhi Distribution Limited (TP-DDL) has issued a tender, inviting bids from eligible firms for procurement of 150 MW of non-solar renewable power on a short term basis to meet its renewable purchase obligation (RPO) for the fiscal year.

The last date for submission of responses to the Request for Proposal (RfP) is February 21, 2019, and the techno-commercial bids will be opened on February 24, 2019. All bidders must submit an Earnest Money Deposit of Rs 30 thousand per Month per MW of the bid capacity that they submit in their proposals on a round-the-clock power supply basis.

According to the RfP document, the successful bidder(s) will be required to apply for short-term open access in such a manner that they are able to supply power from May 1, 2020, to October 15, 2020, up to a capacity of 150 MW. The successful bidder will also be required to furnish a contract performance guarantee (CPG) within seven days for an amount of Rs 2 lakh/MW/month.

Furthermore, according to the provisions of the RfP, the bidder may offer up to 150 MW power that is indicated in the RfP for the respective period. The supply of power may also be offered from either one or more than one source, however, each power from each source shouldn’t offer less than 40 MW.

The RfP also mandates that the winning bidder(s) are required to quote a single tariff at the delivery point which will include capacity charge, energy charge, trading margin (in case the bidder is a trader), applicable point of connection charges /losses up to the delivery point, and all taxes, duties, etc. TPDDL will procure power from the successful bidders in the order of their rankings, which will be decided based on their quoted tariffs.

The successful bidder will also be responsible for booking the open access transmission corridor to the regional load dispatch center (RLDC) in line with the applicable short-term open access regulations. Presently, open access can be applied for three months in advance.

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