Tamil Nadu Plans 20,000 MW Solar Installations Across State

Highlights :

  • State utility firm Tangedco plans to develop solar power projects worth 20,000 MW.
  • Tangedco recently commissioned AECOM India to come up with a project report/feasibility in four months.
Tamil Nadu Plans 20,000 MW Solar Installations Across State

Tamil Nadu is girding up to stay in the top position among states in the run for renewable forms of energy. The state, blessed with a long coastline and ample sunshine, has been an early mover and a among the leaders for most of the 21st century. In a fresh development, the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Company (Tangedco) has formulated a plan to develop solar power projects for the generation of a huge 20,000 MW green energy in the state. This increemental capacity is expected to be installed in the next 10 years.

Tamil Nadu is already a leading state as far as RE installed capacity is concerned. The solar expansion is being done to end the state’s dependence on coal-based thermal power plants. According to reports, Tangedco recently commissioned AECOM India to come up with a detailed project report in four months. AECOM India is a private technical consultancy firm. It has already begun the studies on land and locations for sub-stations, transformers, transmission lines and batteries for energy storage.

Tangedco looks to end the cycle of coal shortages and massive pollution caused by the employment of coal in the power plants. As per the reports, Tamil Nadu will first add 4000 MW of solar power with energy storage infrastructure will be installed in the state. The district collectors have been directed to start identifying and arranging land that will be required for the development of such solar installations.

It has also been learnt that Senthil Bajalj, the Power Minister of the state, has cleared a Tangedco policy proposal that will take the state from coal to solar. In the recent events of coal shortages and ever rising pollution levels compelled the TN government to hold a high level meeting with technocrats, power engineers, environmental engineers, political leaders and bureaucrats etc. to discuss the shift from coal to solar energy. It is after this meeting that AECOM India was appointed for feasibility study of locations.

One hopes that in this round of expansions, rooftop solar gets its due, where the state, like most states across India, is well behind targets.

Tamil Nadu Leads the RE Quest of India

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) data has revealed that Tamil Nadu is the leading state in terms of installed capacity. MNRE says that as on January 31, 2022, Tamil Nadu’s total capacity stands at 15,914 MW as compared to Karnataka’s total capacity of 15,795 MW.

Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are followed by Gujarat (15,517MW), Rajasthan (14,982MW), and Maharashtra (10,629MW).

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