Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency to install solar panels in 10000 houses

Jagmohan Singh Raju, Chairman and Managing Director, Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency has stated that around 10,000 residential houses in Tamil Nadu will soon be added with solar rooftops.

solar rooftops panels

Jagmohan Singh Raju also addressed a stakeholder meeting on the implementation of the Chief Minister’s solar rooftop capital incentive scheme. He also mentioned that to help the households install the solar panels the State Government would give Rs. 20,000 in subsidy and the Central Government would provide 30 per cent of the cost.

Households that will install the solar rooftop panels will be able to generate up to 250 units power every two months and save nearly Rs. 14,000 a year. Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency (TEDA) till date has helped 3000 houses install the solar panels from approved vendors and came with five years warranty.

Source: TheHindu

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