Tale Of Two Solar Trailblazers-Greenlab Diamonds & Muni Seva Ashram

Highlights :

  • Saur Energy recently awarded Greenlab Diamonds and Muni Seva Ashram for their outstanding performance in using green energy.
  • The entities were awarded at our latest event-Solar Trailblazers at Surat in Gujarat on Sept 22, 2023.
Tale Of Two Solar Trailblazers-Greenlab Diamonds & Muni Seva Ashram Tale Of Two Solar Trailblazers-Greenlab Diamonds & Muni Seva Ashram

Greenlab Diamonds and Muni Seva Ashram are two different entities working in entirely different sectors. While Surat-based Greenlab Diamonds is a company dealing with lab-grown diamonds, Muni Seva Ashram is an institution at Goraj in Vadodara, hosting a hospital, school and social institutions.

However, both these Gujarat-based institutions have one thing in common-adoption of green energy to power their energy needs. Saur Energy, in its latest event-Solar Trailblazers, held at Surat on September 22, 2023, awarded these two institutes for their higher adoption of green energy to their businesses, establishing a trail for others to follow. 

Jitesh Patel, Head of Manufacturing from Greenlab Diamonds accepted the award on behalf of the company in the more than 1 MW category. Deepak Gadhia, the trustee of Muni Seva Ashram, attended the event and received the Solar Trailblazer Award during the occasion.  

Greelab Diamonds hosts a solar power plant with 25 MW capacity spread over a sprawling 90 acres of land. It is in addition to its 10 MW hybrid wind power. The renewable energy produced from these plants is used to fuel its operations to make lab grown diamonds. 

In another move towards sustainability, the company plants a tree for every diamond cultivated in their factory. It also works towards zero-waste production. It now has a presence in the US, the UK, Belgium, UAE, Australia, Hong Kong, etc. in the lab-grown diamond industry. 

On the contrary, Muni Seva Ashram at Goraj village in Vadodara hosts 880 KW of solar power. The premise comprises a hospital building, Eklavya School. Guest Temple and Goverdhan building. It has 100 percent non-penetrating installation of solar panels on its rooftops. It has customized solar panels, too, which were incorporated with anti-soiling treated glass. The Ashram used waterless robotic cleaning of its panels to avoid water usage for cleaning purposes. 

Shri Gadhia, also the Chairman of Sunrise CSP, hosts the world’s largest solar concentrator, which he claims was made locally through his firm. An early proponent of clean energy and low carbon living, Shri Gadhia is a leading voice, and face for sustainability in the region today, besides being a valued advisor to many cleantech firms.  

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