Swedish Take-up of the Siemens Gamesa 5.X Platform With 62 MW Deal

Swedish Take-up of the Siemens Gamesa 5.X Platform With 62 MW Deal

The strength of the onshore powerhouse Siemens Gamesa 5.X platform has gathered momentum in Sweden heading into 2021 following the signing of a 62 MW deal to supply two adjacent sites in the Sunne region.

The deal with local utility firm Tekniska verken will cover the supply of 7 SG 5.8-170 turbines at Fryksdalshöjden and 3 of the same turbines at the closeby site of Norra Länsmansberget. These turbines will use a flexible power rating to adjust their nominal power to 6.2 MW, among the most competitive in the industry. They are expected to be installed by late 2022 and will have a 115-meter hub height. The deal also includes a up to 30-year service agreement.

Siemens Gamesa has now sold over 2 GW of this market leading onshore platform with one of the largest rotors at 170 meters in the industry, enabling it to provide an unrivaled Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE). Of that 2 GW, around half has come from various sites and customers in Sweden, showing the pioneering nature of the country and its enterprises in their adoption of renewable technology.

“Sweden has proven a major driver to the success of the Siemens Gamesa 5.X platform, and we are encouraged to see its rapid roll-out continue in 2021. We also welcome another contract with a key customer in Tekniska verken, with which we will work closely going forward to help develop the region’s renewable capabilities,” said Clark MacFarlane, Siemens Gamesa Onshore CEO for Northern Europe.

For its part, Tekniska verken i Linköping Vind AB CEO, Henrik Valent said: “Our choice of turbines is based on sustainability in the long term with the least possible impact on the environment. We always strive to create solutions that are beneficial to society, the environment and the economy. Today we are glad to say that the SG 5.8-170 turbine fits our two projects perfectly.”

Siemens Gamesa’s contracts in Sweden for this latest platform also included a huge 372 MW deal in Björnberget, the largest it has signed in the country for the 5.X turbine.

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