Swedish Battery Materials Firm Altris AB Appoints Martin Anderlind as CEO

Swedish Battery Materials Firm Altris AB Appoints Martin Anderlind as CEO

Leading sodium-ion technology company in Sweden, Altris AB has announced the appointment of Martin Anderlind as Chief Executive Officer, effective as of 1 September 2022. Anderlind joins Altris from Northvolt, where he most recently held the position of Chief Talent Officer.

We are extremely excited to welcome on board Martin Anderlind as the new CEO of Altris,said Torbjörn Sternsjö, Chairman of the Board at Altris AB.Sodium-ion battery technology is an immense business opportunity and we strongly believe that Altris has a huge potential, with its leading-edge technology, to grasp an extensive share of the global market. In order to succeed it is absolutely crucial for Altris to have the right CEO at the helm to lead and develop the team. Martin’s business background and competence makes him absolutely perfect to for the role,” he added.

“The European automotive industry has fully embraced electrification, and Northvolt is playing a central role in that process – so it’s safe to say that the company is in good hands,” says Martin Anderlind, CEO of Altris AB. “It’s time for me to now lend a helping hand in the next missing piece of the puzzle needed to further speed up the energy transition – sodium-ion batteries. These batteries are not only a safer, longer lasting, cheaper and greener alternative – but they can also can be made out of almost unlimited and readily available raw materials,” he concluded.

As the new CEO of Altris, Anderlind makes the jump from his previous appointment in the lithium-ion battery industry, to now work in the rapidly growing sodium-battery world. Anderlind first joined the Swedish battery developer and manufacturer Northvolt at the company’s inception. In almost six years since then, he has led teams across the business development, communications, brand and talent divisions.

Outside of the battery industry, Anderlind is a serial entrepreneur. His first successful enterprise was IT company Netsolutions, which capitalised on the early opportunities of the internet. More recently, he co-founded and led Itrim, the international chain of health and wellness centres. Anderlind studied at Uppsala University and has served as a visiting fellow at Harvard and MIT. H

Altris is a world leading sodium-ion technology company that manufactures the cathode material Fennac® and licences sodium-ion battery design for energy storage and transport applications. The company’s mission, it claims, is to enable high performance batteries to accelerate the energy transition, without increasing the cost to the environment or to customers.

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