Surat Set For The Big Solar Event Today-Solar Trailblazers

Surat Set For The Big Solar Event Today-Solar Trailblazers

If there is one thing that has emerged from India’s efforts to transition to a clean energy future, it is that change will necessarily need to start from its smaller cities. Taking the lead in no uncertain way is Surat, possibly the most dynamic city, in the state of Gujarat, which itself has become the epicentre of India’s clean energy ambitions.

Celebrating the fact, and seeking a perspective for the future is Solar Trailblazers, an industry conference and award from SaurEnergy, which is bringing together local captains and relevant experts to support the critical energy transition under way. While Surat has already met with much success, be it in terms of hosting many new manufacturing firms, or a thriving EPC system that benefits from a wide customer base conscious of the value as well as necessity of green energy, the city will need to do much more in the future. From branding and spreading the message on how it has achieved so much, to keeping a tab on the changing dynamics of the solar ecosystem, at Solar Trailblazers, we will cover it all. View complete details at

Keeping in with the need to celebrate not just industry players but all stakeholders including customers, the awards at the event have taken a different, unique route, as far as we know. While acknowledging the tremendous progress and contribution of industry members, we have gone for awards for USERS. That means, the firms or individuals that took the first step for green energy that served as not only an example, but opened the floodgates of opportunity for their peers. Thus, we have winners like the Muni Seva Ashram in the under 1 MW category, a philanthropic NGO that adopted clean energy more than a decade ago, to Greenlab Diamonds (1 MW plus category), a pioneer that makes not just lab diamonds  but makes them using green energy. May their tribe increase.

So if you are in Surat today, Sep 22, then drop in to see just how far solar has travelled, and how far it has to go.

Solar Trailblazers has been made possible by the support of Deye Inverters, Gautam Solar, Cosmic Solar, Navitas Solar and countless wishes of the solar industry.

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