SunToWater Technologies Begins Presales of Solar-Powered Water Generation Technology

Solar-Powered Water Generation Technology

SunToWater Technologies has announced that it has started to accept priority reservations for its solar-powered Water Generator, which according to the company can make water anywhere in the world – even in extremely dry climates and polluted air.

SunToWater in a statement notes that its residential water generator can make 40-100 gallons of fresh drinking water per day. While, it’s commercial water generator is capable of producing up to 4000 gallons per day.

The technology was created by SunToWater’s manufacturing partner Flex, one of the largest electronics manufacturers formerly known as Flextronics.

Water Generators are modular, fully scalable and can be stacked or connected side-by-side to increase water production.

SunToWater’s patented method of generating water uses a three-stage process to create a dependable source of drinking water that is cost-effective and environmentally safe. The process begins with a unit that is about the size of an air conditioner, positioned outside of a building or on its roof. Once activated, small, efficient fans blow air over a natural salt-based element that absorbs water molecules from the air. Solar heat then bakes the liquid out of the salt, and the humid air is then condensed and collected into a storage tank and remineralized and exposed to ultraviolet light to eliminate any bacteria. The result is clean, fresh water that is certified for consumption by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The Water Generator technology has already secured 13 patents and uses 70 percent less power than traditional refrigerant-based equipment said the company. Residential units will retail for $9,000 and is expected to produce water for over a 10-year period; the cost is about $0.08 to $0.12 per gallon, four to five times less expensive than refrigerant-based technologies.

We believe everyone has the right to clean, fresh water,” said Benjamin Blumenthal, Co-Founder and CEO of SunToWater. “We’ve taken the lead on the challenge to find a revolutionary, cost effective, sustainable water solution by creating state-of-the-art Water Generators – appliances that can provide an independent water source for commercial, residential, and government use.

Just as solar panels can get homes off the power grid, Water Generators can get homes off the water grid. For home and business owners that are worried about the availability and quality of their water, this new home appliance offers a real and cost-effective solution. And best of all, the process is totally natural and comes from the 12.9 trillion tons of water that exists in the atmosphere,” added Blumenthal.

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