SunLink Introduces TechTrack Distributed Single Axis Solar Tracker Solution

SunLink Introduces TechTrack Distributed Single Axis Solar Tracker Solution


SunLink Corporation has expanded its portfolio of photovoltaic project solutions with the launch of the TechTrack Distributed single axis tracker.

Distributed is the second single-axis tracker in the company’s TechTrack product line, joining the internationally deployed TechTrack Centralized.

Central to the system’s innovation is a dynamic design feature called Dynamic Stabilization through which the characteristics of the tracker are changed depending on real-time, sensor-observed environmental conditions. The company notes that beyond simply adjusting tilt, the TechTrack Distributed incorporates control over the damping and stiffness of the array, opening a completely new solution space for increasing energy output, maintaining structural integrity and lowering cost.

Additionally, TechTrack Distributed solves the challenge associated with monitoring the thousands of electromechanical parts that make up a distributed tracker system via SunLink’s VERTEX Project Intelligence Platform. VERTEX enables next-generation real-time data monitoring and secure remote control, which provides greater visibility into energy assets, historical data collection and more efficient O&M – resulting in more valuable energy projects.

We’re very excited about this revolutionary design,” says SunLink CEO Michael Maulick. “It reflects the very best of SunLink’s legacy for mechanical and structural engineering excellence combined with the leadership we’re now demonstrating in the software and electrical engineering arenas. Only by leveraging the power of technology advancements such as IoT, big data, machine learning and more can the solar industry move beyond a niche energy player into a grid-enhancing asset, and the world’s dominant energy source. TechTrack Distributed demonstrates what’s possible.”

TechTrack Distributed features include:

  • Maximum system torque is reduced by 67 percent, resulting in a stronger, lighter and more cost-effective tracker.
  • Continuous tables and 120° tracking yield the industry’s best power density and generation.
  • Terrain following of 10 percent grade N-S, any practical E-W and up to 5 percent change in grade post-to-post. Fewest posts to install of any comparable tracker.
  • Integrated solar panel and Li+ battery power, robust slew drive and motor. Communication via secure, proprietary mesh network.

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