Sungrow Bags Largest BESS Project In South East Asia

Highlights :

  • The increasing acceptance of storage with solar is widening the market for solar, as well as faster renewables adoption.
  • For Sungrow, the opportunities are immense for its storage offerings, considering its understanding of key markets through its flagship inverter business.
Sungrow Bags Largest BESS Project In South East Asia

Leading inverter solution supplier Sungrow is working with Super Energy, a leading renewable energy provider in South East Asia to build Southeast Asian largest battery energy storage system (BESS) project. Sungrow will supply the comprehensive PV plus BESS solution, comprising of 49.01 MW PV inverter solutions and 45 MW/136.24 MWh battery energy storage system. This project is planned to start in April 2022, and will be commercial in December. The project is expected to provide constant power, help improve the overall stability and security of Thai power grid, and quicken Thailand’s steps to realize the National 4.0 Strategy. Completion will also mark a key milestone for Sungrow in the region for its storage outreach.

Thailand Transitions to a Future of Renewable Energy

The Thailand 4.0 national strategy includes: developing an economic system adjusted to climate change and building a low carbon society. Moving towards using renewable energy is a critical step to its realization. The recently unveiled Power Development Plan (PDP 2018-2037) set the goal of renewable power capacity of 2,766 MW, accounting for 37% of the total. What is more, Thai government has fully acknowledged that renewable energy cannot be a reliable and stable source unless combined with energy storage systems. This agreement was the driver for Super Energy and Sungrow’s cooperation on this major Thai BESS project. Besides, this plant is also a pioneer of SPP Hybrid Firm Power Purchasing Program, an initiative launched by Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, aiming to make renewable energy the stable supply of future power.

Sungrow’s Solar plus ESS Solution and Industry-Leading Liquid-Cooling System Improves the Overall Efficiency

As the IPP, Super Energy prioritizes the plant’s efficient, safe and stable operation in the long run. Sungrow accordingly provides the industry-leading PV plus ESS solution for the plant. Notably, the most advanced liquid-cooled energy storage system will be applied, which can significantly save the delivery and installation costs, and prolong the overall life of the system. The battery cabinet and PCS enclosure also adopt high protection level. Hence, the energy storage system can maintain efficient yield without derating in hot and wet environment in Thailand. Besides, Sungrow integrated the self-developed intelligent energy management system (EMS) and monitoring system, which simplify the post operation and maintenance procedure. As a result of the integrated solution, Super Energy harvests the greatly-reduced LCOS and the improved plant stability and efficiency.

Looking Forward to the Future of the Southeast Asian Renewable Market

As two major players in the global new energy arena, Super Energy and Sungrow have been strategic partners for six years and jointly completed several successful projects in Southeast Asia, such as the 330 MW PV project in Vietnam last year. The cumulative cooperation has achieved GW scale. Among all the previous ones, this BESS project is a milestone, which can help improve Thai power structure, quicken the establishment of intelligent power grid and possibly guide the future power generation and storage of new energy in the whole Southeast region.

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