Specially Designed for Bifacial Module, SkySmart Tracker Debuts International Market

Compared to standard tracking systems, there are six significant advantages of SkySmart.

skysmart tracker

Due to its high energy yield advantage, bifacial modules are becoming widely accepted by the solar PV market. To be responsive to this market trend, Arctech Solar recently launched its innovative SkySmart tracking system. SkySmart is the world’s first tracker that is specially designed for bifacial modules, and it is also certified by CPP.

Compared to standard tracking systems, there are six significant advantages of SkySmart.

SkySmart: Single Row, Double Performance (Arctech Solar)

  • SkySmart owns the industrial record N-S slope 20%
    With the unique design of 2 rows of modules in portrait, SkySmart adapts to 20% S-N slope, equivalent to 11.3 degrees, which is the largest N-S slope ever in tracker industry.
  • The number of foundations have been reduced
    If 385 modules are installed on a row, only 200 foundations will be used for 1MW.
  • SkySmart tracking system has a double pitch risk-free drive-through cleaning advantage
    With linked-row systems, pull pole is typically located between rows, which can lay difficulties for cleaning. Whereas, SkySmart by designing as 2 in portrait can provide double pitch drive-through module cleaning compared to 1 in portrait, it will prevent modules from damages caused by vehicles.
  • SkySmart is compatible with all commercially available PV modules, and it is also the world’s first tracker specially designed for bifacial modules
    Thanks to its advantage of uncovered back-side, when combined with SkySmart, the performance of bifacial modules will be maximized.
  • SkySmart is a self-powered system with Li-ion battery as a backup
    There is no need for cables and traditional power supply for SkySmart, as the motor is powered by a string of modules, the extra Li-ion battery is only used for backup to bring the tracker to the safety position when emergencies come up. As such, SkySmart further maximizes the performance of battery and extends battery service life.
  • SkySmart is the world’s first supplier to apply LoRa-wireless communication technology to trackers
    SkySmart applies the latest communication technology — Lora Wireless, which has lower consumption but larger coverage range to keep the signal stable under various climate circumstances.

Except for the excellent technical indicators mentioned above, when compared with standard tracking systems, what is particularly worth mentioning here is that SkySmart can maximize the value of bifacial modules with Artech Solar’s patented 4 point/6 point bifacial module fast mounting fixing method. It is a key design that differentiates SkySmart from other manufacturers in the solar PV industry. The newly patented installation method will help users reduce the module backside shading effectively, accelerates project installation and increases the energy yield.

Mr. Guy Rong, president of Arctech Solar’s international business, commented that Arctech Solar has made quite an effort to meet any new demand from clients through innovation. SkySmart is a well-designed new generation tracking system which integrated technologies of bifacial module, cleaning equipment, wireless communication and so on.  SkySmart will bring a satisfactory return of investment to the system investors.

Source: PR News Wire

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