SparkCognition Adds GPT Capabilities To Renewable Suite

SparkCognition Adds GPT Capabilities To Renewable Suite

Texas, US based, SparkCognition, a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) software solutions perfected for business, today announced the addition of generative pre-trained transformer (GPT) capabilities to their Renewable Suite. This new feature will help accelerate time to value by delivering actionable insights for their renewable asset performance management (APM) solution.

SparkCognition’s GPT, part of the Generative AI Platform for Industrials, leverages large language models (LLM) to intelligently interpret user inputs and return relevant information in a seamlessly intuitive experience. The capability minimizes cognitive load and time-to-value for operators by seamlessly analyzing the performance of their wind, solar, and storage assets and providing real-time insights to support key operational decisions—resulting in greater throughput and less downtime.

Renewable Suite users can access SparkCognition GPT anywhere in the suite with simple conversational prompts to look for summaries, specific information, or interact with various modules. For example: “what happened at the wind farm yesterday?”; “plot my solar farm output along with the forecast for tomorrow?”; or “show me the most common corrective actions for a battery rack overcurrent fault.” These conversations help users interact across modules to follow a train of thought and take action.

“SparkCognition incorporating generative AI into the Renewable Suite will be a force multiplier for the value we get out of the solution already,” said Brian Li, Staff Engineer at AEP Renewables. “It will improve our efficiency by being able to perform analysis across multiple modules in a single conversational thread, allow the user to focus more on drawing conclusions and making decisions, and ease troubleshooting by incorporating relevant information from OEM manuals and unstructured maintenance data into the context of a specific event.”

SparkCognition GPT allows operators to perform custom data analysis tasks quickly and efficiently and automate the workflow, enabling them to gain insights into their renewable energy assets’ performance. For instance, operators can ask GPT to summarize all cases of a component failure across the fleet, group by vendors, and senAPMd it in email as a report, all with simple prompts. SparkCognition GPT is being continuously retrained, ensuring it stays up to date with the latest industry trends.

“We are excited to introduce SparkCognition GPT into the Renewable Suite. It shows why AI enabled APM platforms provide much more value than traditional solutions and will significantly increase our customers’ productivity by making data more accessible, actionable, and impactful,” said Rob Budny, Vice President of Renewable Energy Sales at SparkCognition.

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