Solis And Booth E7-001 At SNEC. An Enduring Partnership

Solis And Booth E7-001 At SNEC. An Enduring Partnership

The SNEC PV Power Expo is the Global Solar Industry’s largest professional PV event held annually in Shanghai, China. Over the years, SNEC has emerged as the pre-eminent platform where stakeholders in the solar sector have been showcasing the latest achievements of intelligent manufacturing and innovation that will set the trends for the industry. It is also where firms pull out all stops to make an impact, as any visitors can testify.

Solis has marked its presence at SNEC for 9 consecutive years now,  matching the event’s amazing growth with its own growth milestones. In doing that, the company and its Booth no E7-001 have become a destination of sorts for visitors to the exhibition.

While this is where Solis has been showcasing the best innovations and solutions it has to offer each year, the firm;s own growth an evolution over the years, besides the many interactive activities at the booth have made Solis a favourite with visitors each year. Like every year, this year too the firm promises that visitors can look forward to something new, be it a new record, start of  new trend, or business opportunities that are well worth the time for those inclined.

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Make a stunning appearance

At the 543m2 booth of Solis, keep your cameras handy, because the sea is roaring on the big screen! With the naked-eye 3D visual effects so amazing that you won’t be able to resist snapping off a selfie  with the amazing background.

Solis will showcase its full range of hit products here. That means, one of the world’s most versatile and awarded lineup of  string inverters from 700W to 350kW. Expect to get an insight into Solis’s scientific research technologies and its brand charm too!

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Launch Of new products

It is well known that the three major PV application scenarios respectively correspond to Solis’s residential ace model, C&I flagship model and annual blockbuster model. The full range of products are much favored by customers for their advantages in system-friendliness, intelligent operation and maintenance, efficient power generation, safety and reliability, as well as full-cycle solutions.

320kw product launch

New product G6-GU320K-EHV

G6-GU320K-EHV is the representative product of the booth themed by “high current and high power”. It makes higher power and lower LCOE possible. With a single maximum power output upto 352kVA, this new arrival is one of the largest single string inverters in the world at present.

Guided by China’s strategic goals of peaking carbon dioxide emissions before 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality before 2060, the new product provides a strong boost to the economic, safe, intelligent and stable development of PV energy. In addition to using 1500VDC voltage on the DC side to support both sides, the AC side has also been fully adjusted to allow access to the maximum 400 mm2 aluminum cable.

Needless to add, the advantage does not stop at cost reduction. It’s really good in boosting production. It can work at a temperature ranging from -30℃ to 60℃ and support full-power output at 45℃. In extreme conditions, its 25-year yield is about 3.4% higher than other solutions. According to calculations, the use of G6-GU320K-EHV for a 100MW power station can help the system lower the LCOE by nearly 3% each year.

Furthermore, it features a maximum input current of 45A per MPPT. Therefore, it is currently the string inverter with the largest single MPPT current in the same power segment on the market. The DC breaking scheme with electronic decoupler is introduced on the DC side, which greatly improves the system safety. Meanwhile, the excellent grid compatibility and the integration of digital technology will undoubtedly make it one of the main forces in building every new  power system with renewable energy behind it.

New product Flexi-ONE, a PV energy storage integrated energy conversion device

Another product being premiered by Solis at the Expo is Flexi-ONE, a PV energy storage integrated energy conversion device. It is designed to provide an intelligent and convenient solar PV-ES solution. The inverter, battery, switch and the like are integrated in just  0.5 m3, which makes it easier to install on site and maintain afterwards.

Flexi-ONE can continuously support 5kW power output and 6kW peak power output within 30 seconds. This makes it suitable for most households. Its MPPT efficiency is greater than 99.9%, with a maximum efficiency of 97.5%. This enables it to provide higher output. Moreover, it is compatible with a variety of brands of batteries, offering you more flexibility of choice.

Flexi-ONE is extremely safe and reliable. It has quite a few technological breakthroughs in both software and hardware, including the integrated backup bypass switch and the new-generation electrical structure design which is composed of the latest improved full-bridge LLC topology, the latest application of SiC technology, strengthened overall protection logic, ripple suppression technology and the application of independent tunnel cooling technology.

All these, together with the application of redundant protection technologies such as AFCI , fuse + circuit breaker and the like, fully demonstrate Solis’s concept of extreme safety for energy storage. We believe that this product with a modern and stylish appearance will impress you with its powerful performance and innovative approach.

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The SNEC runs from June 2-5.

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