SolarMax Technology launches its first all-in-one, fully integrated energy storage system in US

SolarMax Technology launches its first all-in-one, fully integrated energy storage system in US

SolarMax Technology launches its first allSolarMax Technology has launched its first integrated, all-in-one–FLEX energy storage system in the US market.

The company in a statement said launch timing couldn’t be better, particularly in states with a high propensity for power blackouts. In California, for example, more than 500 outages occur statewide each year. Annual report data from the state’s Public Utilities Commission shows that millions of utility customers were affected by power outages in 2014.” It is been predicted that vulnerability figures may increase further.

The 5kWh solution, designed by Li-Max Energy, provides battery stored power to keep key household appliances and other devices operating when the grid goes down. Unlike other offerings on the market, the FLEX requires no additional components or labor assembly by the customer. The two main wall-mounted components are fully integrated within the system.

The lithium-ion powered battery packs plenty of electricity when fully charged. According to the company it is enough to continuously power a laptop computer, two light bulbs, a flat-screen television and refrigerator for up to 8 hours. Customers can configure the FLEX to supply power to whatever circuits within the home that correspond to their most important needs.

SolarMax will focus its marketing efforts on existing solar customers, homeowners considering the value proposition of converting to solar, and even non-solar customers who simply want a reliable, ready source of power when blackouts occur. The latter group can purchase the FLEX through a product bundle that includes two SolarMax-branded photovoltaic panels.

We believe there’s tremendous market potential, based on the pent-up demand and anticipation for a viable battery back-up system,” says SolarMax CEO David Hsu. “We avoided the speculative discussions and instead kept our efforts focused on the R&D and product development initiatives necessary to bring a fully integrated solution to the customer. The all-in-one design of the FLEX™ proves that we made the right decision.”

SolarMax will market the integrated system through a network of distributors, dealers, utilities and retailers. Customers can also purchase the FLEX directly from the company.

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