SolarCity Will Sell “Solar roof” products: Tesla CEO, Elon Musk

SolarCity Will Sell

Tesla CEO Elon Musk at the SolarCity’s conference call for its second quarter financial results announced that SolarCity will develop and sell a roof integrated with solar panels.

Elon Musk’s presence was quite understandable considering the impending deal for Tesla to acquire the solar installer. Currently SolarCity installs solar panels on rooftop of buildings.

Musk didn’t detailed on the product itself, however, he made it clear that his company will go after the roof industry with its new products as the market for home rooftop solar systems got more competitive.

SolarCity is expected to introduce 2 new products before the end of the year, around the time Tesla and SolarCity are expected to close the merger.

Musk said “It’s a solar roof, as opposed to a module on a roof. . . it’s not a thing on a roof, it’s the roof.” He added: “it’s something that will be a standout.”

Musk also said that his goal for SolarCity is to sell solar roof and battery products that make homeowners so excited that they want to show their neighbors.

Peter Rive, SolarCity’s CTO said that the company now plans for the module assembly line to start producing in Q2 2017.

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