Solar Water Solutions to Provide Off-Grid Desalination Solns in Indonasia, Sri Lanka

Solar Water Solutions to Provide Off-Grid Desalination Solns in Indonasia, Sri Lanka

Solar water solutions, a Finnish company offering solar powered desalination plants, has partnered with World Vision International’s Asia P3 Hub, a collaborative joint venture to provide multi-sectoral solution to poverty.

The two organisations will work together in tackling drinking water shortages in Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

Solar water solutions

Harnessing the power of sun does not only provide clean energy, but is now also providing clean drinking water.

The collaboration will make use of a previous partnership of the two organizations in Kenya, as well as harnessing the deep understanding of the Asia-Pacific region which the World Vision has.

CEO of Solar Water Solutions, Antti Pohjola said, “The fully solar-powered desalination solution developed by Solar Water Solutions has the potential to reduce the price of water by 50–80% compared to today’s water prices in many rural areas.”

Singapore-based Asia P3 Hub was conceptualised by World Vision to incubate and facilitate multi-sectoral partnerships using co-created solution to address issues of poverty. The initial focus is water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH).

“We value our partnership with Solar Water Solutions in Asia – it leverages the core strengths of both, water technology company Solar Water Solutions and World Vision, in unique ways,” stated Christy Davis, Executive Director, Asia P3 Hub.

A UNICEF/WHO Joint Monitoring report from 2017 claimed that over 2.1 billion people lack access to safe, sustainable water services at home. Worldwide, 844 million people lack access to basic drinking water.

Solar Water Solution aims at bridging this gap by providing off-grid desalination solutions that can run fully independently and provide clean drinking water at cheaper cost to communities across the world.

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