Solar pumps saving animals at Bandipur National Park: Report

Solar pumps

Animals at Bandipur National Park are facing water shortage due to poor rain in the region. According to NIE the forest department has decided to use solar pumps to ease the situation.

Forest department is taking to help of solar pumps to fill the partially dried up lakes and ponds in the park. Out of 250 ponds and lakes only 15 have water for the animals in the park states the report.

According to the publication authorities will extend the projects to other ponds and ensure that six big lakes don’t go dry.

The forest department earlier decided to take help of electric pumps to fill the ponds and lakes; however it decided to drop the idea after experts objected the usage of the electric pumps saying that it would lead to ecological and biological imbalance.

Solar pumps have been installed at a cost of Rs.10 lakh at Southekere and Kundakere in Omkar Range. The report states that each solar-powered water pumping unit can pump up to 3 liters of water per second and over 10,000 liters of water per hour.

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