Solar Power To Fuel Lalitpur’s Bulk Drug Park In Uttar Pradesh

Solar Power To Fuel Lalitpur’s Bulk Drug Park In Uttar Pradesh US On Course For Record 32 GW Solar Capacity Additions in 2023

The Uttar Pradesh government has now embarked on a journey to set up of a large scale solar plant at Bulk Drug Park in Lalitpur in the state, a media release from the government said. These plants are part of government’s action plan for installing large-scale solar plants, and making them operational in the state. 

All of government’s forthcoming major projects are undertaken as a part of government’s clean energy journey. To achieve this objective, the government has issued directives for creating an extensive action plan. This project is part of government’s action plan.

In this, a part of this project involves undertaking negotiations with private companies, which is currently underway. This will help to bring government’s green energy initiative to fruition, said the Chief Minister Office in a release. According to the government, the UP government will also set up a unit of herbal medicines in the bulk drug park for which an MoU has been signed with a private company.

In line with this initiative, solar energy will be harnessed from the Bulk Drug Park in Lalitpur. This will be exclusively utilised for clean energy vehicles, the statement added. This will be complemented by the construction of cycle tracks and the availability of rental bicycles at various locations, added the official statement.

The CMO further mentioned that in order to promote clean energy awareness in Lalitpur, the city will be equipped with cycle and electric vehicle stations. It added that, the development of green belts, green pathways, and footpaths on both sides of the road would enhance the city’s environmental aesthetics. Additionally, the emphasis will also be placed on the utilisation of eco-friendly construction materials throughout the construction of the Bulk Drug Park.

 As per the official statement, the UP government signed MoUs with 43 laboratories affiliated with the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). These collaborations will not only focus on research related to herbal medicines but also strive to manufacture cost-effective medicines.

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