Solar Power in Mumbai College Saves Rs 1.50 lakh on Electricity Bills Since 2015

The electricity generated from these solar panels is used for tubelights installed in the corridors and the garden of the college premises.

Solar Panels in Mumbai College

In an effort to reduce its carbon footprint, Changu Kana Thakur College in Mumbai has saved Rs 1.50 lakh in electricity bills since it installed solar panels in May 2015.

The college had started environment-friendly initiatives four years ago to comply with the guidelines set by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). These steps have also inspired the college students to follow suit at home.

“Many institutes take up various initiatives but they don’t reach the community. We impart knowledge to students and teach them to be environmentally consciousness. This can go a long way in educating the next generation,” said Siddheshwar Gadade, principal of the college.

The green measures have been decentralised and are handled by various departments of the college. The physics department of the college operates solar panels, while the chemistry department takes care of a biogas and effluent treatment plant.

In the last three years, the college has saved around 10 percent of its electricity consumption by using LED lights and solar panels. The electricity generated from these panels is used for tubelights installed in the corridors and the garden. “Our students have realised the importance of electricity. As soon as their classes are over, they switch off the lights and fans,” said DS Barve, in-charge of the botany department.

The college has set up an effluent treatment plant and a biogas plant to dispose of the chemicals used in laboratories.

Source: HT

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