Solar Log smart meters for residential solar PV plants receives UL 2735 certification

Solar Data Systems, Inc. has announced that its Solar-Log line-up of smart meters for residential solar PV plants has received Underwriter Laboratories 2735 certification.

Solar Log

Solar-Log line-up includes company’s photovoltaic monitoring technology with Aclara residential I-210+ utility meter (formerly GE).

The product line-up which comes with UL 2735 certification include Solar-Log 350, 360 and 370 beside the meters with new remote disconnect feature. The product line-up offers solutions for real-time error detection, self-consumption monitoring, inverter direct, weather station, power management and grid feed-in control.

The company will put the entire product line-up on display at BuildingEnergy16 in Boston, MA on March 9th & 10th.

“The UL 2735 certification is an excellent addition to our market leading Solar-Log monitoring solution. This relatively new and voluntary certification provides a piece of mind to solar PV plant owners by adhering to the highest safety standard in the market. It also enables the Solar-Log® smart meter product family to be installed in any home in the USA and Canada. We regard this voluntary certification as an integral part of our global strategy to continuously enhance the Solar-Log technology, a major part of which includes product safety and testing”, says Anton Kaeslin, President of Solar Data Systems, Inc.

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