Solar Farms are Now The Gold Standard for Investors, Family Offices and Funds

Solar Farms are Now The Gold Standard for Investors, Family Offices and Funds

Solar farms

Solar Farms are now producing electricity at prices that are much less than both natural gas and coal fired power plants. Due to the ever lowering costs of Solar Farms the returns that investors are now deriving from Solar Farm Investments are some of the most sought after investments in the investment community. Investors can realize returns in the 2X or 3X range for early stage development type SPV’s and solid 10-15% returns on projects whereby the investor is the long term owner of the project for anywhere from 5-40 years. Solar Farms have quickly become some of the safest and lowest risk investments in the market. Innovative Solar Systems in US currently has some of the largest projects everbuilt to its credit and has approximately 200 new Solar Farm Investment opportunities available for 2017.

Innovative Solar Systems develops and builds large Utility Scale Solar Farm projects, typically ranging in size anywhere from 20 Megawatts to 200 Megawatts or larger due to economy of scale and the fact that the company likes to maximize their investor’s returns on these massive Solar Farm projects. The company has also come to realize that large investors and funds would much rather invest $500MM on a portfolio of projects than a simple $20-50MM investment on one smaller project. It’s very simple states the CEO of ISS, “larger investment amounts will always generate larger returns in the Solar Farm Investment market place“, and it’s all about economies of scale where Solar Farms are concerned.

Source: PR Newswire

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