SOFAR Powers 300 MW Utility Solar Project in Gansu, China

SOFAR Powers 300 MW Utility Solar Project in Gansu, China SOFAR Powers 300 MW Utility PV Project in Gansu, China

Solar energy solutions provider SOFAR has recently commissioned a 300 MW utility project.  Located in the south edge of China’s fourth largest desert Tengger Desert, the plant is expected to generate 540 million kWh of clean electricity annually and restore 5.2 square kilometers of grassland after being fully connected to the grid this week, saving 160,000 tons of SCE per year.

More than 1,300 sets of SOFAR 255KTL-HV have been adopted in the 300 MW utility solar project. With a maximum efficiency of 99.02%, the inverter delivers optimal energy conversion and system output for users. Along with IP66 protection and C5 anti-corrosion, the inverter provides robust durability in harsh desert environments. Meanwhile, the inclusion of smart string-level disconnection (SSLD) ensures efficient and safe operation by isolating faulty strings, minimizing any potential impact on the overall system performance. In addition, the I-V scanning can accurately locate faulty strings, enabling quick and precise troubleshooting.

“To our satisfaction, SOFAR inverters operate stably during the whole process, so we’re convinced about a stable power supply and high yields in the future operation,” says Xiaoyong He, Chief Project Engineer of POWERCHINA, the EPC of the project.

Ethan Shi, Head of SOFAR China, believes that the collaboration reflects SOFAR’s strong dedication to contribute to the shared goal of carbon neutrality. “With several ongoing projects in partnership with POWERCHINA nationwide, we’re able to leverage their expertise and resources to further expand our presence and make an impact.”

In 2022, the annual production capacity of SOFAR reached 10 GW for inverters and 1 GWh for batteries. By 2022, SOFAR shipped over 18 GW inverters to over 100 countries and regions worldwide.

SOFAR recently commissioned the first phase of its brand-new manufacturing base in Huizhou, China. With this expansion, the company has significantly expanded its production capacity and intensified its focus on intelligent manufacturing practices.

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