SMA to supply 154 MW of central and string PV inverters in Turkey

SMA Solar Technology and Turkish EPC company ELSE Enerji Ltd. have recently signed a new General Frame Agreement for the supply of 154 MW of central and string PV inverters from SMA for plants to be realized by ELSE Enerji within a year.

SMA Solar Technology

Mustafa Herdem and Serhat Çay, the founders of ELSE Enerji Ltd. said, “In the rapidly growing Turkish PV market, we have chosen to strengthen our cooperation with SMA, based on the reliability, consistency and high quality that SMA ensures worldwide.”

SMA solutions have been proven as a perfect fit to the challenging climate conditions in Turkey, the company mentioned.

Most PV power plants with SMA inverters in Turkey are in regions at more than 1000 meters height and are exposed to temperatures of minus 40°C in winter and up to 45°C in summer. In some cases, they are located in remote regions that often have poor infrastructure, making it difficult to transport individual components there. Weak transmission lines and sometimes locations with a high level of sand and dust exposure tend to be the rule rather than the exception.

Source: SMA

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