SMA introduces new Sunny Central 2500-EV-US central inverter

SMA has started taking orders for its newest central inverter, which is not only ideal for 1500 VDC applications but is also UL certified to the new UL 62109 standard.

The latest from SMA, Sunny Central 2500-EV-US offers 2500kVA at 1500 VDC, facilitating EPCs, developers and owners to benefit from cost reductions due to balance-of-system savings.

Sunny Central 2500-EV-US central inverter

With the invention of Sunny Central 2500-EV-US, SMA has become the first manufacturer to have an inverter certified to UL 62109 by UL LLC. The new safety standard in the inverter is specific to the solar industry, which also addresses the unique aspects of applying power conversion technologies to solar photovoltaics.

Marko Wittich, SMA Executive VP of sales for the Americas region said that “CAPEX reductions are imperative to maintaining margins and staying competitive in the utility-scale PV landscape.”

He also stated that “Utilizing 1,500 VDC system design with the Sunny Central 2500-EV-US allows stakeholders to realize an immediate impact to their bottom line.”

The use of Sunny Central 2500-EV-US inverter will facilitate in cutting down the cost by reducing the size of the DC cabling, as well as the quantity of combiner boxes and medium-voltage equipment required. Moreover, it requires fewer system components per inverter pad due to the integrated DC fuse servicing switches and convenience power.

The latest central inverter comes with a new level of safety, functionality and reliability, as it complies with UL 62109, addressing the ground fault, safety instructions and electric shock testing requirements that are established to address modern PV inverter designs.

UL 62109 was created out of an industry need to drive commonality and harmonization between international markets, which helps drive down costs while increasing project velocity. It is anticipated to become the new standard for the solar industry and is updated and expanded to specifically address the latest safety aspects of PV power conversion equipment.

With the new certification, EPCs can procure UL-listed equipment at the time of purchase, mitigating the risks of field evaluations, such as delayed schedules and costly reviews with Authorities Having Jurisdiction. Owners also benefit from the additional reliability and design verifications included in UL 62109, as well as the certainty that plant designs and assets are already compliant with expected future regulatory changes.

”As we move towards a smarter, more efficient modern energy grid, it remains critical to include safety considerations in product development, while also focusing on harmonization,” said Jeff Smidt, vice president and general manager of UL’s Energy and Power Technologies division. “UL 62109 certification aligns with those goals while also supporting necessary cost efficiencies in the market.”

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