Shakti Pumps Gets Patent For Solar Flour Mill

Shakti Pumps Gets Patent For Solar Flour Mill

Shakti Pumps (India) Limited, India’s leading manufacturer of energy-efficient pumps and motors has received a patent for inventing” SOLAR FLOUR MILL” The Patent Office, Government of India, has awarded Shakti Pumps this patent, fully adhering to the provisions set forth in the Patents Act of 1970. This patent is set to maintain its validity for duration of 20 years, commencing from the date of filing. This is the 9th Patent that the company has secured.

This innovation for a solar flour mill seeks to tackle electricity shortages in rural regions, functioning independently through solar panels, cutting infrastructure expenses, and sparing users from grid electricity bills. Significantly, it aids farmers in generating additional income, aligning with national objectives, featuring adaptable grinding technology for sustainable rural development. This stride signifies socio-economic progress, endorsing eco-friendly agricultural practices.

This unique Flour Mill operates on solar power, ideal for areas lacking electricity, notably rural regions or Remote areas. It saves travel for milling grains, reducing effort and pollution. It’s beneficial for solar pump users seeking extra income, aligning with the goal to increase farmers’ earnings and boost rural economies.

Dinesh Patidar, Chairman of Shakti Pumps, highlights an important advantage of the new patented technology: “Electricity-dependent flour mills often struggle with unstable power and high maintenance costs, affecting flour quality. Additionally, Flour Mill owners are compelled to pay a minimum electricity bill despite low power usage. Our SOLAR FLOUR MILL offers a better solution, running consistently on solar power, reducing reliance on electricity, and ensuring continuous operation, even in areas with erratic power. Our solution allows owners to add more solar panels as needed, avoiding payment for unused electricity.”

Flour mills are probably one of the most intrinsic part of human habitations, that have also harnessed multiple ways to work the earliest. From mills powered by mountain streams, to windmills to electricity powered and now possibly Solar Powered mills, the journey continues to deliver basic staples for humans at low cost

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