SECI invites bids for 500 MW tender, prompts rooftop solar revolution

SECI invites bids for 500 MW tender, prompts rooftop solar revolution


Solar Energy Corporation of India Limited invites bids for Implementation of 500 MW Grid Connected Roof Top Solar PV System Scheme in different states of India that will double the country’s green energy capacity and can trigger more such projects.

Bids for 500 MW of projects will open on June 3, 2016. Bidders should submit their bid proposal online complete in all aspect on or before last date of Bid submission as mentioned on ETS Portal of TCIL.

Rooftop solar plants save transmission costs and supply energy where it is generated. It is economically viable for consumers because of cheaper supply compared to what commercial institutions pay to distribution companies for electricity from the grid.

Rooftop solar projects are key part of the government’s plan of generating 100 GW solar power by 2022 which include 40,000 MW from rooftop units.

The latest tender from SECI will double India’s current installed rooftop capacity of 525 MW. The bidding process under this Rooftop schemes for 500 MWp comprising of CAPEX Model (300 MWp) & RESCO Model (200 MWp).

Rooftop solar project can be built by renewable energy service provide through RESCO model and then monetize the energy produced as compared to a system integrator, who would install the project and be involved in the execution and implementation of the project for another RESCO. In RESCO model consumer does not pay for the installation, but is charged a tariff for the output.

Under the CAPEX model government subsidies are provided for the installation. Those winning bids under this model will be eligible for a subsidy of 30% on the capital cost, provided the roofs of residential buildings, institutions such as schools and hospitals, or those related to the social sector are used.

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