Schutten Solar Looks Forward to Expand its Crystalline Silicon Solar Module Market in India

Schutten Solar

Schutten Solar, a high-tech enterprise engaged in the world-class advanced PV technology focuses to expand its crystalline silicon(C-si) solar module market within India.

Within a short period of time, Schutten Solar has cemented its position as a leading crystalline silicon(C-si) module manufacturer and supplier in India. Under the dynamic and visionary leadership of Dao Xiang YANG, Director and CEO, Schutten Solar looks forward to continuing to grow the C-si solar energy market within India.

Schutten Solar is an internationally high-tech enterprise engaged in the world-class advanced PV technology. Schutten Solaris focusing on the research, development, sales and use of solar energy resources with a combination of various solar energy technology and professional staff. Schutten Solar supply all sorts of solar modules by their advanced international machines, strict quality control processes and complete production processes.

Schutten Solar as a professional manufacturer of photovoltaic products, they strive to pay attention to every aspect of their working process in order to deliver their customers PV-Modules with great performance, reliability and low-cost. They run precise electrical tests on every panel produced to keep the deviation of power output to a minimum. Their quality and environmental management system has passed ISO9001andISO14001system certifications and their products have received international quality certifications such as TUV,UL,CEC,CE,PV-CYCLE and more, their products are stable and reliable in operation and deliver a steady flow of clean energy to end-users.

Schutten Solar (India) Company is located in Gurgaon nearby New Delhi, with a present team of 12 employees. The Indian team provided reliable and timely services and supports to their customers. Schutten Solar’s product offerings cater to diverse needs of the solar market and can be used in residential, commercial and large scale utility segments. In India the main product segments are large scale utility sector of ground mounted project, which they mainly supply with their flagship products. The company is also seeing the new potential of rooftop solar market and the supplying even the smallest quantities for the rooftop customers this year expecting a lot of rooftop installations in India and they are prepared for the rooftop boom. Schutten Solar credits its success and growth to supporting developers in India market with their module technology and other service.

Quality control and monitoring is taken at every step from silicon crystallization to module deployment.It offers as 25-year industry leading warranty .with over 30 in-house tests and a state of the art research and development lab, Schutten Solar goes beyond requirements to deliver the high quality product and solutions to its customers and the key laboratory is designed to foster technological innovations and drive PV technologies.

Mr. Yang views the domestic content requirement of India positively. He understand and support the government’s initiatives on “Make In India”, he realized that Schutten Solar wants to go further not only invested in R&D and technology innovation to increase efficiently and product quality and reliability but also expanded the marketing to supply more products for others country, build up supply chain capabilities in the past 1-2 years. Schutten Solar believes in product innovations and is continuously looking deeper at climates in different parts of country to create products suitable for each climate.

Mr. Yang tells, “Our specialty lies in making sure all the products provided to India are of the same quality and fit in the special environment category. Despite the price competitiveness of the market, Schutten Solar stands up in this market by strengthening on value added services to customers, and building long term relationship and commitment in each of their partnership with local developers and EPCs.”

Schutten Solar is presently looking at a manufacturing possibility in India. Currently, they are doing a feasibility study, cost analysis and reviewing the demand situation in India. They need to look at total supply chain solution to keep manufacturing costs down to be as cost competitive as Chinese made panels, to meet the price target of the market, and need to be cautious to ensure the viability of the financials and not to build panels at a cost that Indian customers and the industry could not absorb.

As the upward trend in solar demand continues, India will remain as one of the most important markets for Schutten Solar in global scale and integral part of their expansion strategy in Asia. They are working diligently to further expand based upon their existing sales network to strengthen their footholds in all segmented markets. As a supplier, Schutten Solar is working hard to ensure that they provided the best solution for their customers, and also increase our own competitive advantages to keep our planet “blue sky green life”.

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