Risen Signs 140 MW Modules Agreement With UPC-AC Energy Solar

Risen Energy has signed a structured 140 MW supply contract with UPC-AC Energy Solar Asia.

Risen Energy, a leading manufacturer of solar PV products has announced that it has signed a structured 140 MW supply contract with UPC-AC Energy Solar Asia. The multi-party deal, accommodating various stakeholder requirements, consists of Risen’s proven Mono PERC modules being provided over the turn of this year and into early 2021.

UPC-AC Energy SA is a joint venture company between UPC Renewables and AC Energy, and together they form a potential candidate under a “watch this space” tag. With over 1 GW of solar projects in its pipeline across Asia Pacific, this JV entity is making its mark on the solar landscape of the region.

Pranab Kumar Sarmah, CEO of UPC-AC Energy SA said, “our JV sets out to finesse the best possible outcomes for all of the stakeholders involved in our projects; from each department in our two respective companies, technical, commercial and legal, to the corresponding departments within our chosen EPC provider and then shaped into contract with our suppliers. I’m delighted to report that Risen has listened intently to our various and indeed variable requirements and responded in kind to give us a workable, profitable and tailored solution that fulfils our complex requirements.”

An intense journey to realisation said Bypina Veerraju Chaudary, CSMO of Risen. “Our aim is always to be more than just a provider of first-class products. We fully understand the background complexities of arranging a truly cost-effective solar PV installation, wherein the interests of all parties are represented and protected, and we are delighted to have been able to, once again, demonstrate our core ability to balance each need within this contract. We look forwards to participating in the further expansion of UPC-AC Energy SA in the future, with further bespoke contracts aimed at delivering more tangible bottom line results.”

In July, the firm had announced that it will provide EPC services for Xinghai Group’s 4/5 solar project (totaling 250 MW) in Loc Ninh, Vietnam, and is expected to complete shipment this December. The facility, one of the largest privately-funded EPC projects worldwide, will help the company further improve its competitiveness in the Vietnamese market once it has been successfully connected to the grid.

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