Risen Energy’s Half-Cut Cell PV Modules Acquires Top Runner Certificate from CQC

The latest product-the Half-Cut Cell PV Module from Risen Energy has achieved a remarkable breakthrough in terms of energy efficiency.

Recently Risen Energy announced that their new PV product: the High-Efficiency Half-Cut Cell PV Module was the first to acquire the 2017 Top Runner first-class certificate issued by the China Quality Certification Centre (CQC). This certificate shows that Risen Energy’s technology has received high approval by a third-party certification agency with a national authority and that the level of the company’s R&D has met the strict standards of the Top Runner certificate.

Risen Energy

The latest product-the Half-Cut Cell PV Module has achieved a remarkable breakthrough in terms of energy efficiency. One such example is the 72 cell poly half-cell PV module which can have a peak power output of 340-345W. In order to maximize the efficiency and reduce the cost, Risen Energy’s technical team has managed to add more length to the body of the module while keeping the same width. The design of the back side of the module had been performed in such way so that the internal power loss has been taken down to minimum. This has become possible thanks to the split-type junction box which in the same time enhances the heat dispersion of the product.

The first batch of Half-Cut Cell PV modules has been successfully shipped and will be implemented in the construction of the Shanxi Yangquan PV Top Runner project. Meanwhile, the other orders are in the process of manufacturing.

In a statement, a Risen Energy spokesperson confirmed: “We are extremely glad to receive this first-class Top Runner certificate. This is a landmark moment for Risen Energy because it is a recognition for our long-term commitment to product quality, improvement in efficiency and many other aspects of our work.”

Moreover, it is the approval for Risen Energy in pursuit of quality, improvement in efficiency and so on. In the future, Risen Energy will keep focusing on the large-scale implementation of the Half-Cut Cell high-efficiency technology and will continue pushing forward the development of the solar industry so that it can achieve grid parity as soon as possible.

Source: PRNewswire

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