Report Places Jinko At No.1 In Module Shipments to India In Q1

Report Places Jinko At  No.1 In Module Shipments to India In Q1

Q1 (Jan to Mar) of 2021 module shipments data for India tracked by JMK Research and Analytics has placed Jinko Solar, as the no. 1 module seller in India.

Jinko’s performance comes despite disruptions caused by COVID-19. The report  states that India added 3.9GW of solar installations in the first quarter of 2021. JinkoSolar, with a total shipment of 800MW, accounted for 20 percent of India’s Q1 deployment, according to the report. JinkoSolar’s flagship model Tiger Pro, which has been their key offering in the market since last year, has contributed in this quarter too. Overall, nearly 60% of the module shipments in India in Q1 2021 are high-efficiency mono PERC modules.

These numbers were achieved in the face of construction delays, restricted movement of equipment, supply and labor shortages due to COVID-19. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) had issued a blanket extension to all project developers foreseeing the additional delayed capacity coming online in the first half of 2021.

Q1 Rankings For Module Shipments: Data From JMK Research

Q1 Rankings For Module Shipments: Data From JMK Research

JinkoSolar which has established itself strongly in the large-scale utility markets in India, is now targeting the DG segment to capitalize on opportunities in the growing rooftop business. “Moving to the second quarter of 2021, JinkoSolar’s Tiger and Tiger Pro ultra-high power series modules will continue to meet the needs for higher power generation so as to maintain our market share in the high-end distribution market,” said Daniel Liu, General Manager of JinkoSolar India.

JinkoSolar, along with other  international players, has made a virtue out of its  premium pricing, by offering what it calls a premium product too. Through its product and costing strategy, the firm has done well enough to stay competitive  and grab pole position in the highly competitive market here.

Competition is intense, be it from fellow Chinese firms, or other international and some domestic players too. Sheer scale and innovation has played a key role in helping sustain it in the leadership rankings.

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