RENA receives large orders for PERC technology from North American and Indian PV customers


RENA Technologies has announced that it has recently received two large orders for wet process equipment in PERC technology from North American and Indian PV-customers in a double digit millions euro range.

The company in a statement said that combination of its BatchTex and InOxSide+ offer both independent optimization and best match of front and rear sides for best PERC cells efficiencies.

RENA’s BatchTex combines ultra-compact tool design with highest throughputs. Together with its proprietary and IPA-free texture additive monoTEX®, it reaches excellent front side reflection with the formation of well-defined, small and uniform pyramids (1 to 3 μm or 2 to 5 μm) within very short process times.

This makes rear side smoothing in the InOxSide+ even more effective and further supports advanced rear side passivation performance. With its patented single side etching process and effective smoothing technology, even moderate etch depths of ≤ 4 μm are sufficient to achieve very homogenous back side smoothening. This ensures high reflection of the back side and effective AlOx-passivation and leads, as a result, to excellent PERC cell efficiencies.

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