Rays Power Experts Opens Up 3000 MWp Solar Park For Developers In Rajasthan

Highlights :

The sprawling 9000-acre solar park will be built in Bikaner. The first and the only 100 per cent privately owned solar park in the country will be connected to the central transmission system.

The world’s largest solar park of 3000 MWp capacity is ready to welcome developers to establish  their projects in Rajasthan. Rays Experts, the park operator, stated in a statement published on Tuesday that the 9000-acre solar park will be built in Bikaner, Rajasthan. It has signed the necessary transmission agreements and obtained all approvals for the same, a company statement said adding further, “this is the first and the only 100 per cent privately owned ultra mega solar park in the country connected to the central transmission system”. Rahul Gupta, MD and CEO at Ray Experts confirms that ” the Park approved capacity is 2000 MW AC. It can accomodate 3000 MWp module installation capacity. It is the actual development of capacity to be created.”

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For Rays experts,  the next target is to book the available capacity as soon as possible. Progress has already been made, with Gupta confirming that ” we have part capacity booked and advanced discussion going on for the balance. We are catering to both those who win solar bids as well as to C&I developers. For them it makes a lot of sense as in this park they can take benefit of ISTS charges waiver available before June 2025″. Accordingly, the firm expects the park to reach full capacity before June 2024.

All the other major solar parks built in the past are either partly or fully government-owned. The company claims to be the largest solar park developer of all others in India. With the solar park offering will be ready-to-move infrastructure for multiple solar developers who can save huge costs and time as land, transmission lines etc have already been arranged.

The minimum size of individual solar plants in the park can be as small as 10 MW. However the minimum sizeblock that is being offered by Rays Experts to the customer is 300 MW. They can divide this size into as many blocks as they want.

The upcoming solar park claims to address to a large extent, the concern of transmission capacity availability in the network, the biggest open risk. “We are evacuating the transmission line with a 400 kV D/C line, around 10 kms long. We are also constructing a common pooling station” adds Gupta.

The solar park is a concentrated zone of development of solar power generation projects and provides developers an area that is well constructed, with proper infrastructure, access to amenities and by minimizing paper works for project implementation. At present, the world’s largest solar park of 2,245MW capacity is also in Bhadla of Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

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