Punjab Naatshala switches to solar power

Punjab Naatshala switches to solar power

The centre for theatre and culture experience, Punjab Naatshala taps into solar power installing 20KW solar panel to meet its energy consumption needs. The installed solar panel is expected to cut down on 75 per cent of its power expenses.

Punjab Naatshala Founder Jatinder Brar to the Tribune said “We had been experimenting with the idea of having clean energy on our premises for quite some time. We have evening shows every day and since our plays demand hi-tech light and sound equipment, we were looking for an uninterrupted source of clean power. He further added “The plus point is that we don’t have to use generators for power back-up and so no noise and air pollution.”

Naatshala’s solar power dependence will send out a message to citizens that its time to switch to green and clean energy and jou the benefits.

“We are also working towards getting the net-metering system that will allow us to use the energy generated by our solar power panel anytime we want. For now, we have installed a power-battery bank to store the excess power generated for use in the evening,” said Brar.

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