PowerCare team from SunLink has expanded its installation services into the Northeastern US

PowerCare team from SunLink

The SunLink PowerCare team has announced that it has expanded installation services into the Northeastern United States.

PowerCare is currently installing at a second GeoPro project across the state in Plymouth and is gearing up for 10 more projects in Massachusetts and Vermont in 2016. Simultaneously, the PowerCare team is also executing solar project services in North Carolina, Nevada and California.

The SunLink team is able to provide fixed tilt and tracking mounting systems that can be quickly configured to meet a wide-range of site conditions, layout tools that efficiently optimize how the array fits the site, short delivery lead times, PowerCare geotechnical engineering, with more than 1 GW of load testing experience, and Reliable, data-driven O&M for the life of the project through the VERTEX Project Intelligence Platform.

EPCs who partner with the company for the design, delivery, installation and maintenance of the racking system benefit from SunLink’s full engineering, installation and O&M capabilities.

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