Pennsylvania Company Installs 4,000th Solar Module in time for Earth Day 2017

Solar Module

Godshall has successfully installed a 1233kW system using 4000 solar modules installed across its three Pennsylvania facilities just in time for the celebration of Earth Day.

Just in time for the celebration of Earth Day, Godshall’s Quality Meats has surpassed 4,000 solar modules installed across its three Pennsylvania facilities. Godshall’s, in business since 1945, is now at the vanguard of modern facilities producing fine meat delicacies for the entire nation.

“We’re excited to have a 1233kW system up and operating,” explains Ron Godshall, COO. “We see this as an investment as well as an expression of positive corporate citizenship. Even more, stewardship of the earth is in keeping with our faith, which we hold as being integral to our success.” Godshall’s success is something of a story in itself, growing from a local butcher shop to an international supplier of both branded and private label. Godshall’s flagship product is a real meat, real wood smoked turkey bacon and many of its other products also utilize lower fat recipes with turkey and chicken. The company’s recent drive has been toward offering many more all-natural and uncured options. Uncured meats have no nitrites or nitrates except those naturally occurring in sea salt and celery powder.

“Getting free power from empty roof and field space, that’s a no-brainer,” adds President and CEO, Mark Godshall. Under Godshall’s leadership, the company has not only grown at an unprecedented rate but also enacted water recycling programs, converted some systems to cleaner burning natural gas, and instituted a “zero landfill” program. “Offsetting more than 2,346 metric tons of carbon annually is just the cherry on that sundae.”(As reference, that is equivalent to the co2 emissions from 5,432 barrels of oil consumed or 2,503,842 pounds of coal burned).

“In the modern marketplace, it’s not enough to have great taste and a wholesome product, consumers want to know the companies they buy from are making the same efforts they are.” Ron Godshall elaborates, “That’s why we like to tell folks that we’re a great choice for a Healthier You, Healthier Planet.”


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