Panasonic introduces new solar panel installer program

PanasonicPanasonic Eco Solutions North America has introduced new solar panel installer program for participating installers.

The new program will allow installers to take advantage of valuable marketing, training and partner support initiatives to help develop their business. This program is comprised of two separate categories, “Authorized Installer” and “Premium Installer”, each of which come with distinct benefits.

Authorized Installers will get number of benefits, beginning with a financing program that will provide increased fiscal flexibility and funding for installers. Additionally installers will have access to advanced sales lead generation courtesy of the Panasonic Solar Website.

The “Authorized Installer Program” includes the Panasonic HIT Starter Pack to augment the installer’s knowledge of Panasonic HIT products. This program will also feature the installing company’s name on the Panasonic Solar Installer Finder.

“Premium Installers” will earn the same benefits as the “Authorized Installers”, beside exclusive business opportunities, such as joint press releases and marketing materials shared by Panasonic and the installer.

Panasonic in a statement said that this new installer program is the next step in the growth of the HIT and in the continued development of high-efficiency panels in the residential solar industry.

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