Omega Seiki Partners With Korean Firm to Build EV Powertrains in India

Omega Seiki Partners With Korean Firm to Build EV Powertrains in India

Indian EV manufacturer Omega Seiki Mobility and Korean EV powertrain maker JAE SUNG Tech have partnered to produce electric powertrains in India. The all-electric “Ra314 Powertrain” will be their first product and will find its home in the OSM Rage+ in Q1 FY23.

As a part of this partnership, the two companies will be forming a new joint venture: OSM JAE SUNG Tech Co., LTD.

The new Ra314 will be manufactured by Omega at its facility in Faridabad and in Pune at its group company, Omega Bright Steel and Components’ facility. Omega will also test and calibrate the Ra314 for typical Indian driving conditions.

“The Ra314 stands out with its 3S build – Silent Drive, Simple Architecture, and Superior Durability. Besides, the new powertrain is IP-67 rated and will not skip a beat even if submerged in water for 30 minutes. Based on internal testing conducted by OSM and Jae Sung, the new powertrain is 30% more efficient and 20% lighter than existing power units doing duty in the electric three-wheelers at the moment. This has been made possible with an integrated motor, gear box design. This leads to significant weight saving as well as improved vehicle efficiency,” claims an official statement by the companies.

Using an integrated architecture has reportedly helped the two firms in reducing the number of moving parts in the train, leading to lesser amount of wear and tear. It is hoped that this will percolate to longer service intervals and reduced overall service costs for the end customer. The state-of-the-art modular architecture is expected to allow Omega to develop the Ra314 for four-wheeler Small Commercial Vehicles (SCV).

Uday Narang, Founder and Chairman, Omega Seiki Mobility (OSM), said, “With this JV, I am sure the Rage+ will be an even better value proposition. Not only will the new power unit herald a new era of backward integration making our products more efficient. We will also utilise Ra314’s integrated and modular architecture to build customised power solutions for other EV makers in India to use, thus helping in faster adoption of electric vehicles in India.”

Lee Hyunjin, CEO, JAE SUNG Tech, said, “I am positive that our advanced technologies, strong engineering background when combined with OSM’s manufacturing expertise in India, will help us to strengthen our partnership and succeed together in this rapidly growing segment.”

The Ra314 has reportedly been tested extensively and is being engineered to work in extreme temperature range of +50°C to -20°C. This is meant to allow the power unit to be at home across India, whether in scorching Rajasthan or freezing Himalayas.

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