NISE Revises Testing Fees for Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) systems

Solar Thermal systems

NISE has announced that it has revised testing fees of CST Technology effective from 1st August 2017

National  Institute  of  Solar  Energy (NISE) has  announced that it has revised  testing  fees  of  Concentrated  Solar  Thermal  (CST) Technology effective from 1st August 2017. The revised testing fees are as follows:


S. No

Type of Testing No.of Sample  

Testing Fees ( )

L Performance Testing of CST System at NISE by Immobile Test Facility.  


35,000    + 18% GST
2. Performance Testing of CST System at manufactures/ supplier’s site by Mobile Test Facility  


35,000*  + 18% GST
3. Heat Loss Calculation of CST Receiver I 5,000      + 18% GST
4. Reflectivity Measurement 4 2,000      + 1 8% GST


For  Mobile Testing  of CST system  the manufacturer/company will arrange travel  (Air fare till nearest airport  and  journey  thereafter   as per  the  convenient  mode  of  transport),  lodging,  boarding  and  local conveyance to the testing team of two persons at actual notes NISE.

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